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A commitment to designing quality signs that attract and endure.

The following examples have all been produced in our shop using original designs we developed to fulfill our customers needs, directives and budget.

Monument signs

A primary sign placed so that it appears to be part of the surrounding environment and landscape.  Often these signs incorporate masonry elements that offer permanence and dignity in presentation.  Base skirting that extends to ground level also offers a visual display of quality that compliments the image presented by real estate developments, churches and schools, professional offices and industrial plants.


Lighting these signs is often preferred to enhance their value for both way-finding and advertising advantages.

Custom in-house designed and manufactured single post mounted monument pylon sign, with integrated full color WatchFire dynamic advertising display.  5' x 10' CSB Logo sign, 3' x 8' 19mm color LED display and 1.5' x 6' illuminated ATM cabinet.  Multi-layer
Pylon and Tenant directory signs

A dominant primary sign placed so that it commands the setting of its location and attracts attention of the traffic on its thoroughfare.  These signs are most commonly electrified with internal illumination, and often incorporate electronic LED displays that offer dramatic advertising impact.


Tenant directory pylons incorporate changeable sign face inserts that facilitate future change in occupants, and can also be produced to accommodate flexible dividers to allow adjustments to the number of spaces identified.

Dimensional Letter & Logo signs

A sign display composed of individual sculpted letter and/or custom logo elements that allow the building or mounting surface to participate in the overall sign image.  These types of signs are often specified for retail shopping centers and are the preferred image for professional and medical identification.


Individual elements can be internally illuminated with low voltage LED's, or exposed neon tubing which offers a look not duplicated by any other kind of lighting.

Neon production and repair


Neon is a very delicate and unique material composed of hand blown and bent glass tubing, that is processed into a vacuum enclosure containing rare inert gas that, when an electrical current is passed through, glows very brightly.  Many colors are possible, but most people may be surprised to learn that only 2- colors of gas are involved- those being either red or blue.


Although neon is gradually being replaced by LED sign lighting for indirect applications, neon in its pure, naked form has no equal for the visual effect and appeal it offers.  Neon is repaired in-house at The SignCenter and damage that can occur in shipping to distant sources is thereby eliminated.



Original Logo and custom sign identities


Many of our customers are beginning anew in the their businesses and need an identification created from scratch.  With their needs in mind I develop a unique graphic design that will effectively present their business to the viewing public, in the form of their own logo sign identity.  I have created a number of these for my customers over the years, and share some examples for you here -


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